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2K18 Updates and Overview

Dylan Scherbring, Junior Staff Writer

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NBA 2K18 is probably the most realistic NBA 2K yet. There are a variety of different game modes to choose from, including: Play Now, MyGM, MyCareer, MyTeam, and Blacktop.
Gameplay- This year, gameplay has changed drastically. For one, the dribbling has changed a lot. It is no longer driven by animations. The moves you make will effect how the defense reacts. Also, do not expect to get the same calls from the ref with every player, if you are a superstar, calls will go your way more often.
Play Now- This year there are over 100 different teams to choose from. You can choose the current NBA teams, plenty of classic teams throughout the years, and new this year, All-Time Teams. All-Time Teams are the best players to ever play on each of the 30 teams.
MyGM: New this year in MyGM, there is a text-driven story mode. In this brand new mode, you are forced to make a variety of decisions that can impact the team you are in charge of.
MyCareer- MyCareer is a simulation of an NBA player’s life. New in MyCareer this year is The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood is a city in the game where you can choose from many things to do. You can go to the courts where there are 8 basketball courts with 6, 3 on 3 courts and 2, 2 on 2 courts. Then there is the Pro-Am Arena where you can get a group of 5 people and play against another group of 5 people on a real court in an arena. There are also a bunch of stores where you can go shopping for new clothes, new hair styles, and fresh kicks.
MyTeam – MyTeam is a game mode where you collect cards and compete against other people online. You can also go through the Domination part and compete through a gauntlet of challenges.
Blacktop – This game mode takes you to the streets of New York. You can pick any player from any team of any time period and compete against other players of your choice. You can choose between 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 fullcourt basketball.

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2K18 Updates and Overview