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Tuning in or Opting Out?

Jaden Wood, Sophomore Staff Writer

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Being President of the United States has its perks, but with that also comes a megaton of responsibilities. One of those many commitments is the traditional State of Union address that the President presents each year towards the end of January or the beginning of February. This year, President Trump is scheduled to give his speech on January 30th.

The long-held practice of the presidential State of Union address dates all the way back to 1790 with President George Washington, and it has remained an expected practice ever since. The general concept of State of Union addresses is that it offers the President an opportunity to publicly lay out his plans for the upcoming year. The speech usually entails the President’s main priorities, the country’s overall condition, and a rough outline of a legislative agenda for the nation. The address is presented in front of a full Congress, and because of technological advances, broadcasting, and live streaming, the entire nation is now able to tune in to hear their president speak of his plans for the future.

This year, as President Trump prepares to give his first State of Union address at the end of January, democrats, in particular, are already making proclamations of boycotting the event altogether. Notable democratic representatives such as Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters, and John Lewis have all made public announcements of boycotting the President’s address for reasons such as: not wanting to listen to racist comments, false promises, and other inappropriate remarks that they foresee their President making in the very near future.

President Trump’s speech will be all over the worldwide news stations and broadcasting networks of the nation. It will be his first State of Union address as president of the United States, which has already sparked an interesting number of boycotts, so the real question is: will you tune in or opt on this highly anticipated political event?

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Tuning in or Opting Out?