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Salina Developments

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While construction takes place all over Salina, people get a chance to welcome many different restaurants and businesses. For example, once construction is over in late spring, early summer this year, Salina will be welcoming Chipotle and Panera Bread companies. Next to Longhorn Steakhouse, an AT&T just opened up. Salina is also expecting a new Aldi’s on Planet Avenue. All of these new developments may cause one to question whether or not all these changes will be good or bad. My personal opinion? Salina is crowded enough as it is. Why introduce more businesses? When there are so many places to eat that you can’t even decide on one, why should we introduce some more options? Yes, there are some good things coming our way, but is it really worth it? Recently, Salina has opened a Qdoba. Every time I go, the line is always past the door. With the up and coming developments, Chipotle will be opening in just a few short months. These two restaurants are quite similar: both making your food in front of you and passing you down an assembly line; but is it really necessary to have both? And these new developments will only cause more competition for revenue.
Well, how about the new Aldi’s? This small grocery store is relocating to a bigger spot to offer customers a more modern look and more space for parking. In my opinion, this is one of the few good plans set for Salina. Of course, these new businesses will bring in more revenue for Salina, but who knows if they will actually benefit the consumers. Another business being introduced will be a Great Clips and a Cox Solutions Store in an out-lot building in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The little building in the corner? Wal-Mart sold 1 acre to EMD Leavenworth LLC because of their oversized parking lot which has many unused spots.


So you tell me, how are we supposed to feel about all of this change?

Because Salina isn’t the small cow-town that Abilene is cracked up to be. Salina is known for its variety of restaurants, stores, and the mall. So it only makes sense that it is constantly changing and making newer and better stores. But when is enough enough?

To me, it seems that the streets of Salina are getting a little crowded. Stores are popping up like weeds and buildings being built in every direction you look. Options are good, but too many options will put out other businesses. Sure, change may be good; but too much change may  be the end to some familiar places.

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Salina Developments