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The Goat Says Goodbye

Jase West, Student Life Editor

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As my days at Abilene High School rapidly come to an end, I think about all of the things I am going to miss most. Among those things, and at the absolute apex of the list, I am going to miss being a prominent figure on The Booster staff.

During my time on The Booster, I had the privilege of working under two very brilliant minds, Mrs. Geiger during my junior year, and Mr. Delay during my senior year. I also had the privilege of working with a great group of students who quickly turned into friends. The Booster Experience is a very special one and I would encourage anyone with a passion for journalism to try their hand in the class. It is a great way to learn the ins and outs of journalism, have fun, and to make new friends.

In my final year on The Booster, we transitioned from being a paper dominant newspaper, to doing everything online—and we did so with a new leader at the helm. While we all took a while to get used to the new way of going about business as usual, Mr. Delay did a great job of making the transition as smooth as possible. During our first issue, he chose to sit back and examine the way we work together, which he then used going forward to making us better writers, reporters, and journalists as a whole. What Mr. Delay has done for The Booster is simply invaluable.

I will never forget my time at The Booster, the memories made, the arguments had… It has been nothing but fun. Goat, out.


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The Goat Says Goodbye