Who Said It: Homecoming Candidate Parents

Who Said It: Homecoming Candidate Parents
Here’s how the game works: the parents of the homecoming queen candidate have been asked four different questions. Each question has the answers from the parents. Can you guess which parent said each quote? Let us know how you did – the answers will be at the bottom of the page.

Question 1: Did you expect your daughter to be elected as a homecoming queen candidate?

Parent A: “I really didn’t expect her to be a candidate, but was happy for her that her peers recognized her. We think she’s pretty great on most days!”

Parent B: “There are many worthy candidates within the senior class, and I believe she is one of them.”

Question 2: Was it difficult keeping the news a secret from your daughter?     

Parent A: “Yes it was. I actually almost gave it away to her. I felt really bad but I think she was still quite surprised.”

Parent B: “It wasn’t difficult to keep it a secret from her before the day of announcement. The tricky part was not to give anything away prior to the announcement.”

Parent C: “We talk about school in our home, so it was naturally a topic of conversation. We tried not to overplay it or underplay it and let the cat out of the bag.”

Question 3: Can you tell a funny story/memory with your daughter?

Parent A: “There are so many, but this one might be surprising to those who don’t know her very well: beware of her after 9 pm! She is a total goofball in the evenings. She gets her second wind and is full of energy when it should be time to go to sleep. This even happened before she was born – pretty sure she was trying to turn somersaults in mom’s tummy every night when she needed to rest.”

Parent B: “Wardrobe malfunctions, we had quite a few actually. There was a volleyball tournament in Hay’s, and her shoelace broke. I had to take the lace out of my shoe and give it to her so she can keep playing. She didn’t know where the lace came from until the evening, after we were all done. I got my shoe lace back!”

Parent C: “One of my most fun memories is when she was three or four years old at Christmas. She was the designated gift hander outer. Every time she took someone a gift, she would say ‘Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!’

Parent D: “…when she was around three, we were at her dad’s slow pitch game. After the game, she was saying she needed to go to the bathroom. We hurried and hopped into the truck to get her home. On the way home, we heard her small little voice from the back seat blurt out, ‘Sh$!. I peed my pants!’ We both looked back and then busted out laughing. Her dad then said, ‘At least she used the word correctly.'”

Question 4: Do you have anything to say to your daughter if she sees this?

Parent A: “We are so very proud of you. Keep working hard and having fun!!!”

Parent B: “We are just very proud of you. We are so excited that you were at least picked by your peers to be a homecoming queen candidate. We love you!”

Parent C: “I am happy for you and hope this week was enjoyable. I am proud of you for the work ethic you possess and the person you have grown into.”

Parent D: “Congratulations on being a candidate! It was fun seeing you enjoy the week with a great group of fellow candidates. We are so proud of your accomplishments, but we are far more proud of the young woman you are becoming. Keep being kind. Keep working hard. Keep seeking Jesus. Keep being you.”