AHS District Honor Band Results


Brianna Wyma

Braydon, second from the bottom left, with regional placers.

On November 3rd, Abilene High School band students were rewarded the opportunity to go to District Honor and play for instrumental musicians who have experienced well in the music career. AHS band students have prepared for months in advance to present their best work for the judges.

The results of the judges decisions have been posted on Wednesday November 7th and presented among the band November 8th:

For concert band, junior, Jade Vopat got rewarded with 14th chair clarinet. Junior, Jaden Wood placed 2nd alternate with clarinet. Freshman, Rebecca Gale earned 1st chair bass clarinet. Junior, Cheyenne Skime-Hooker got rewarded bass clarinet 2nd alternate. Senior, Christian Stevens got rewarded contrabass clarinet 1st alternate. Sophomore, Thomas Rosebrook got rewarded 3rd chair trombone. Junior, Alyssa Harwood got rewarded 6th chair trombone.

In jazz band Nathaniel Tompkins was rewarded lead alto sax, and junior, Josh Young is 1st alternate alto sax. Senior, Dawson Whalen was rewarded the bari sax position with freshman, Maren Meneley got 1st alternate bari sax. Sophomore, Alyvia Johnson got lead trumpet. Senior, Titan Steele got 4th chair trumpet. Freshman, Cayden West got the chair trumpet. Senior, Braydon Surritte got trumpet first alternate. Senior, Calan Brown got 2nd alternate trombone. Sophomore, Caden Powell got 2nd alternate trombone. And finally Senior, Grant Weishaar with drums.

“I felt nervous, obviously. The learning possibilities for going to district and experiencing it can show the effects of what hard work can do for a person. It can sprout creativity and percverance to do better in the music field.” Cheyenne Skime-Hooker admits. “For people who want to go and do district you have to be willing to put in the work for it. District is a step in a direction  towards musically persevereing in the district.”

Thank you to all the band students who went out and auditioned. It truly takes talent and guts to go and perform for judges so its safe to say that these students are amazing.