Thanksgiving Traditions and Plans


Jaden Wood

Thanksgiving pheasant

With Thanksgiving rolling around the corner, many people have different plans and traditions for this Thanksgiving season. Thanksgiving has been around since 1870 when Thanksgiving was made an official holiday. People from around the world may have different traditions their families and friends will partake in for Thanksgiving.

Allysia Young, a freshman here at Abilene, talks about her Thanksgiving plans and her family traditions:  “Well, normally we all go to my grandma’s and help cook all the food, and our tradition is we all play this game where we write down on cards, saying what we’re thankful for and put them in a hat, so when someone pulls your card out they have to guess who said that.”

Although some families don’t always have the most traditional Thanksgiving, Mrs. Deb Farr, the FACS teacher here at AHS, says her family traditions are not very “traditional.” She says, “We gather at one of my siblings’ houses, and we eat a non-traditional lunch consisting of chili. We all bring one topping and desserts. Our mother used to also make each of us kids our favorite pie, and of course there being like ten of us kids, she had made like ten pies or more, and we would have gotten sick over pies.”

Usually with the “traditional” Thanksgiving, we think of it as a gathering at a family member’s house or another designated stop, where someone would carve the turkey, make the stuffing, and the dessert would be some kind of pie. Although some people don’t always have a “traditional” Thanksgiving like others would have, they do have one thing in common:  We are all thankful for something. As we gather with friends, family, and others we enjoy their company and remember that we are all thankful for each other.