Art Club


Art piece by Maddie Schmitz

There are various numberof clubs and sports that Abilene High School provides to allow students extracurricular activities. However, what is the truth behind student’s dedication to these clubs: the chess club, art club, or sports. Art club has several students involved in it, but why? Personally, before I joined Art Club and became involved, I was missing a lot of school. I was bored and not interested and believed that school was made to train people how to sit at a desk quietly and do their job. When I joined Art Club I found a way to express my thoughts, fears, and ideas and have people actually appreciate it. I found a reason to get up every day and come to school.  

I thought the best person to go to about how these clubs realistically help students would be Mr. Moyers. “How do you think Art Club and other clubs help students?” Mr. Moyers thinks Art Club gives students the opportunity to make art that they may not be able to do at home or in class. Some students don’t even take an art class

To get a few other students’ point of view on why they are in the clubs they are, I ask a series of students for quotes on how clubs help them.

Painting by Deserae Meade

Maddie Schmitz gave me her personal view on what art club means to her. “Art club is a club where you can go and just discuss ideas. You can paint what you think or feel. For me it’s like therapy.”

On the topic, Art Club and other extracurriculars can benefit students. According to, students benefit from extracurricular activities by more than one standard. If students are evolved in extracurriculars it can improve their academic performance. They state, “Participating in activities you are passionate about can increase your brain function, help you concentrate and manage your time better, all of which contribute to higher grades.” It can also lead to a higher self-esteem and provide social opportunities. Extracurriculars are what is considered as a productive break. Throughout school we are covered to the neck with stress, but a productive break gives our brain a rest, while still accomplishing something. It can also help with the skills you need to succeed, such as: goal setting, teamwork, time management, problem solving, and analytical thinking. For those who think about their future a bit too much, extracurriculars can help too! Being in extracurricular activities can be helpful for resumes and college applications. It shows your longevity. 

Painting by Deserae Meade

The clubs that our school provides us is an opportunity for escape, for creativity and inspiration, to do something you enjoy without the stress of a grade. Art club isn’t the only club that AHS has. We also have Gaming Club, Drama and Forensics Club, German Club, etc. Take advantage of the clubs we have. If you are stressing about school, home, or your future, it is important to give yourself a way to get rid of your stress. Extracurriculars can help you get ready for the future in a vast amount of ways. It will also give you a chance to be around people that will appreciate your work and support you for the talents you possess.