Print is Back! Booster Student Newspaper Gets Ink Again.


The entire Booster student news staff would like to thank the AHS student body for all the positive feedback! It was so amazing to see the buzz and excitement for the print Booster to be back. Many people have said how much they enjoy having a print version and it sure does bring a smile to our staff’s faces.

The fall edition featured Homecoming week highlights, a preview of the AHS Suessical Musical, a funny take on Horoscopes and laughable take on student faces with 50 years added to their life.

For future reference the printed Booster will always be up for grabs right outside Mrs. Bathurst’s room on the 2nd floor by the counselor’s office. There will also be copies placed in the lunchroom and teacher’s mailboxes on distribution day.  

There has not been a printed Booster since 2015 (that we know of), so we were very excited to be able to bring this unique newspaper back to AHS!

The printed Booster will run quarterly this year.  We carefully pick stories to fit within the pages alloted. Figuring out the timeliness of the stories that will be placed into the Booster is quite challenging as our deadlines come much before distribution day.  The design includes many graphics that are each individually edited by members of the Booster staff. The print Booster Editor, Anna Zey, oversees the whole project to make sure it is fun and interesting for you, our student body, to read.

Comment below with articles you’d like to see in future print editions. Make sure to check out the next edition coming out on December 18.  In the meantime, keep reading ongoing AHS student news here on our online Booster at