Continuous Learning… a few weeks in

Taya Hoerner, Staff Writer

Continuous learning from home as we know it, makes kids think it is easier because they are being allowed to get the weeks worth of work done on their own time in the time-line of that week. Some students take one day to work on one class, other students check their to-do list. the real question is, what’s it’s like being already 4 weeks into ending the school year by doing online? Students might enjoy online, thinking it’d easier while other student maybe don’t enjoy it as much.

Senior Carli DeDonder says, “At first online was okay but it got harder because I was so tired of just sitting and doing homework all day, I would rather be at school. It is draining me emotionally and mentally I have had many stressful days but I’m glad we are almost done. But I am very sad that my senior year got cut short. I was looking forward to see the last memories of mine in highs chool happen with my classmates.”

Taking it to a freshman’s point of view, Chloe Rock and Hope Cole say, “Some classes are stressful, but I like all the freedom that comes with doing online. It’s not too bad but I’d rather be at school, I miss my friends. Sadly I don’t like the thought of having to finish my first year of high school doing online classes, I wanted to be able to enjoy the rest of my freshman year with all the cool experiences at school.”

Some kids probably feel drained from a bad sleeping schedule forming. Falling into bad habits won’t do any good to finishing the school year. Good habits that you formed by physically being in school or good to keep when staying at home!