What the HECK Happened?


What the HECK happened is right. What happened to waking up and being in the classroom before 7:55, visually and physically learning? What happened to being able to go to public places without the fear of being infected? Including what happened, COVID-19 and self distancing is what happened and is what’s still happening.

Junior Ashton Roth says, “The situation stinks and it makes me sad. It took away my softball season and my chance to finish out my time with the class of 2020.”

Coming from any students perspective, ending the school year on such a fast note isn’t what we are used to obviously. Some students are sad about a sports seasons being canceled, some are sad of the idea of not being able to see friends or even just waking up and going somewhere instead of being locked in due to self distancing.

The senior class of 2020 might have the hardest pill to swallow.  Kayley Taylor, AHS senior, is devastated by the blunt end to her senior year.

“I’ve been waiting to get to do all the things seniors get to do on their last semester of high school and sadly that is gone,” said Taylor. “I’ve definitely had a roller coaster of many emotions throughout all of this. Because of COVID-19 I am missing out on my last time playing softball. This would have been my 4th year on the cowgirl softball team and I was ready to step up and be a leader this year. I’m missing out on getting to walk through AHS one last time and seeing my favorite teachers in the halls. I am also missing out on prom and graduation, but hopefully those will still go on after all of this is over. I’m very hopeful that there will be good to come out of all of this.”

Senior Savannah Stout also feels a sense of loss.

“Yes, we are missing out on a bunch of events but we are also missing out on making memories that solidify our 12-year journey before going off to college.” added Stout.

Outside of all this mess, students have only one thing they can do.  They can focus on finishing the school year with online assignments and learning.  Anything to get their minds off of what never will be.