Cowgirls Take on Rossville Tournament


The Cowgirls kicked it off with their second tournament of the season in Rossville. The Cowgirl varsity team were missing four dynamic players. Junior Emma Wildman, Freshman Clara Dannefer, and Senior Autumn Fitzgerald were out due to quarantine, and Junior Joy Clemence was unable to be there until the last game of the day. 

The varsity team felt motivated to do their best at the tournament despite missing key players. Many players were switched around to positions they haven’t played or positions they weren’t as comfortable in. Junior Sierra McLaughlin and Sophomore Lexi Barnes were brought up from JV to participate in the Rossville tournament. The Cowgirls competed against Topeka, Holton, Tonganoxie, and Silver Lake in pool play. The Cowgirls fought hard, but only winning the game against Holton, but taking the other games into three sets. The Cowgirls game was intense and energized against Holton, the motivation coming from a loss to Holton at Sub-State the previous season. Despite one victory in the entire tourney, the victory over Holton gave the Cowgirls a spark. 

Head Coach Jade Koch responded, “As far as the tournament went, I feel like we did well. Considering we never had much time to practice the rotation and line ups used for the weekend. We were missing four varsity players. Because of this, it gave others an opportunity to step up and make some big plays. Reagan Ditto has never played middle this season, she was thrown into the position and made really good plays for us. Tessa Bender has played a few matches as a DS, she went in with the confidence of a veteran and did really well as a libero. Although the record doesn’t show it, I feel like we grew as a team and the girls proved to be versatile and effective in different positions. I think we are a stronger team because of it.”

Shortly after this tournament took place, AHS decided with a staff meeting that due to increasing numbers of COVID it was best for the whole school to quarantine. With this being said, school practices and games would not continue for the next two weeks. Leaving many students and athletes upset, but wanting to be safe to be able to get back to school, practice, and play. Coach Koch also says, “As far as quarantine goes, it is very unfortunate and makes me really sad. The most important thing right now is to keep safe and healthy. I am hoping we can come out of quarantine healthy first of all, and with a few weeks left of our season to be able to go out and finish strong. I think as a player I would be hungry to get back onto the court again, I would go out and play every game like it was my last. Saying this year more than ever, it could really be the last”.