The History of Homecoming at AHS

Destiny Sprouse
Homecoming Queen candidates this year 2018-19
Homecoming Yearbook Page from Year 1992

The way homecoming is put on, and managed has changed over the years. From how people dressed, to the spirit weeks, to the way people prepared for homecoming. Homecoming over the years has been modified and has had changes made.

Valerie Greenough who went to Abilene High School and graduated in the year of 1983 talks about her experience of homecoming when she was in high school. “We dressed up, not in fancy dresses. We did not go and get our hair or makeup done, our moms or friends would do it for us. The dance was at the highschool gym after the football game. Campaigning for this was done by a group of kids getting together at someone’s home preparing signs and support. Bonfires, and the snake dance was done the night before the football game.”

Homecoming Yearbook Page from Year 1990

Jon Greenough, Valeries husband who graduated in the year of 1979 adds, “There was usually a keg party somewhere in the field.” The style of dressing for the boys was usually slacks with a nice shirt or sweater.



Homecoming Yearbook Page from Year 1983






Trinity Jenkins (Senior) talked about how homecomg back then was different from how it is now: “Now we have technology, and cameras and we can post pictures, and even take pictures now, so we have ways of remembering it better.”




Homecoming at Abilene, even though it is a tradition, has continued to conform to our society norms. Our school has many ways of keeping it interesting each year and making it an exciting week.