Volleyball Takes On Hays; Concordia in the Rec


Caleb Crippen

Abilene Volleyball Tournament

On Saturday, September 29th, the Abilene High School girls volleyball team played against a number of schools including Concordia and Hays high schools. The freshman girls played at the recreations center in Abilene and had a great game with winning one of the many 24-14. The volleyball girls have had a very good season and are hoping to keep it that way.

”I felt we did really good but made some simple errors that we could of fixed.” Anna Schafer says. Despite their simple errors, the freshman volleyball girls have proven to be an amazing addition to the school. They have proven through their practices, games, and dedication to the team that they are willing to improve and we hope the season stays as good as the year has gone.

Advice to the volleyball girls from Anna Shafer, “Try your best, work on serves, stay low to the ground o we can get good serving passes.”