Abilene Girls Varsity Basketball: Abilene VS Rock Creek


Bri Wyma

Jade, 2, watches the ball off the tip at the beginning of the game against Rock Creek.

The girls basketball game between Abilene and Rock Creek at Abilene High School was a close call for all three wins.  The JV suffered a loss, thought close to their win, Varsity girls kicked but again, and Freshman girls had started the season with a win.


Thought the JV lost their game, they did do good. They could be working on their defense and their blocking instead of trying to go after the ball. That was their biggest downfall. Their runs through the court have been worked on and good for a first game. “The girls are tough. and they work hard every practice to prepare for the game. the little thing[s] are what can hurt a team. we need to keep improving and learning to work together as a group.” Alice Bathurst quoted.

Bri Wyma

“I am very pleased with the effort and teamwork the Cowgirls displayed against Rock Creek. Were we perfect in our execution?  No, but some of that is to be expected when we are fairly young and many have little to no varsity experience coming into this season.” Quote from Coach Burton.

All of the girls had some hurdles to jump over so they can rise up and meet the goals all of the fans in the stands have set. Rock Creek and Abilene have been going up and down their scores as well as the court. The Cowgirls started at the bottom of almost every game they had played, and while most got the chance to catch up and go farther, come looped around or shot down.

The cowgirls have been practicing their mistakes since this past game. Be sure to see their progress at the next game against Concordia at their high school around 4:30.