Update On the Canned Food Drive


During Cowboy Joe week students were advised to donate cans to the Abilene food pantry. To ensure the success of stocking the shelves with canned goods the format of the Cowboy Joe parties changed.

Usually the Cowboy Joe parties are at a students home. This year the Cowboy Joe parties were hosted at the high school. In order to get into the parties students had to pay in canned food rather than the $0.50 they usually have to pay at school events.



Photographer: Trinity Jenkins

Now some students didn’t go to the parties; some just stayed at home. Some students didn’t mind the parties being at AHS while some students didn’t like the idea at all. All in all the students collected more than 500 cans to give to the food pantry. ┬áThe initial goal was at least 100 cans. The Abilene student body more than exceeded their goal. Many folks were really pleased to see that the students of AHS care for their community.

When asked about Cowboy Joe week and the parties, Junior Roman Sanchez said, “I didn’t really mind bringing canned food because it was for a good cause.” This just proves that Abilene High School has students that care about their peers.

Photographer: Trinity Jenkins