AHS Student Hosts Art Show for All


After Judging

Senior Tiffany Carriker has put together an art show for all students at Abilene High School. This show is for students to proudly show off their masterpieces without the stress of competition and winning. According to Miss Carriker, the whole show is to boost confidence and pride.

Tiffany has been creating art for many years. In elementary school and middle school, she would do little drawings. By her sophomore year, her interest in art and painting rose. Tiffany prefers to paint, explaining “I love watching colors clash and the feel of the paint brush.”

Alex Moyers, the art teacher at AHS for two years now, hopes to continue the art show. He explains that this year it was a student project, and will be a good project for future project management seniors to do.

The art show was organized by the composition of the pieces. Drawings, water color, acrylic, and graphic design are the categories the show is going to be organized by. If students had many pieces, they could request to have their own table. If students only have a couple pieces, then they are organized by composition.

Most art shows are judged, and those who are more skilled generally win most of the problems. This art show was for students to present their art to their family and friends without the worry of being judged or the worry of not winning any ribbons.

AHS Students at the Clay Center art show.