Tips for the Freshman Class


Aveth Elledge

With every new school year comes a new group of students. This years’ freshmen class has 114 students. Being in high school is a completely new experience, and most freshman are unaware of some actions that give them a bad rep.

Coming up from middle school—a place where students act and are treated as children—freshmen are now in a place where they are expected to be fully competent people.


Walking down the hallway is just like driving. You walk down the same sides as you would drive on. Most people walk down the hallways like this, so it’s easier to avoid running into people if you go with it.

Here’s a diagram if you’re confused.

Another common grievance that older students face is stopping in the middle of the hallway. We all do it, but groups of people stopping in the middle of the hallway is kinda frustrating. Feel free to talk with your friends and have fun, just don’t take up all of the hallway. Find an end of a hallway and meet your friends there, otherwise you’re slowing down the walking flow. Some people are just trying to get to class!


Seminar is a time given to us to have a break and to work on homework. In all honesty, most of us don’t do homework and enjoy the small break from classes. Just because there are a lot of people not working on homework, doesn’t mean that you get to be extremely loud. Please respect the other people that are desperately trying to complete their homework assignments.

Have fun, just don’t distract others.


Obviously, there are teachers who are laid back, and teachers who are more strict. When you meet a teacher who lets you have more freedom, don’t be a jerk to them. Personally, in my seminar class, there are students who take advantage of the teacher and are completely rude. Being mean gets you no where, and it really isn’t funny.

When a teacher is easy-going, that doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want and get away with it. Follow the rules and be respectful, and the year will be a breeze for you. There are limits to everything, so please don’t try to push too far passed them.

art students
Aveth Elledge – Teacher Alex Moyers helps a student with a drawing.

Obviously, not all of the freshmen are that stereotypical person. Once freshmen finally become seniors, you’ll probably understand this more.

Have fun, and don’t make others lives miserable!