Homecoming Game

On September 27, 2019, our Abilene Cowboys football team took on tough matchup; the 2nd ranked McPherson Bullpups for Homecoming. In the first quarter, the Cowboys came out showing their experience when playing high powered teams. Our Cowboy defense was not allowing much when the Bullpups would run the ball. McPherson quarterback Kaleb Hoppes completed six passes on seven attempts and threw for a total of 66 yards including two touchdowns against the Cowboys. 

The Cowboy offense trotted town to the 28-yard line on a long drive that led to sophomore Kaleb Becker coming in and nailing his first 3 point play of the season, a 43-yard field goal. The Cowboys couldn’t get much to go on the ground game but junior Robbie Keener found a hole as he ran for an 8-yard gain on a fake punt play the Cowboys drew up. A couple plays later, the McPherson defense came to live and intercepted an Abilene pass setting them up for a good drive which eventually led to them scoring. The McPherson Bullpups scored twice in the second quarter of the Homecoming action. As the game went on, the weather radars were not looking so clear. Lightning started flashing all around Paul Dennis field which led to the call of the game. The final score just after two periods of action was Bullpups – 48, Cowboys – 3.