Panthers Put Another Scratch on the Cowboys Record


Matigan Kobiskie

The boys gather together to decide their next play.

 This past Friday Oct. 4, 2019 the Cowboys traveled to Augusta to complete against Pitt Colgan. Another loss for the Cowboys against Pitt Colgan results in a 0-5 record on the season the final score was 0-26 

The cowboys only have 3 regular season games left one in Abilene and t either two are away in Augusta and Ulysses. They hope to win the remainder of the season and win in the play offs as well.  

Although the cowboys did not score their offensive and defensive line competed well with Karsen Loader and Robbie Keener leading in tackles for the night. It all came down to letting too many yards pass.  

Karsen Loader jr., said: “ I feel like we have improved since Clay Center’s game, but we still have a lot to work on and fixing the little things.” This seems to be a common error with the cowboys, they cannot do all the little things to make the big things happen.  

 Scoring Summary:  

Abilene        0    0    0        0 – 0 

Colgan        0      14    6        6 – 26 

Second Quarter 

Colgan – Bevilacqua one run. Kalan kick. 

Colgan – VanBecelaere 22 pass from Piccini. Kalan kick. 

Third Quarter 

Colgan – Dawson 20 run. Kick blocked. 

Fourth Quarter 

Colgan – Dawson 40 run. Kick failed.