Semester Reflections


Taking it back to first semester, some students feel more motivated to wake up and learn first semester and not so much during the second. Freshman Grant Waite says, “My 1st semester of high school was everything I expected. I knew I was going into high school with the fact of more homework and more opportunities for myself. I told myself to stay on top and that’s what I did.”

It’s proven that students show more effort and are more effective with grades in 1st semester. Senior Carli DeDonder says “I do feel like I started my first semester better than second because after the long summer break I was ready to start my senior year and graduate.”

Most students feel the urge to rush through their school year after the 1st semester, which in advice take it slow and steady. Sophomore Allie Cross says, “I’m going to push myself to finish the year, stay on top of my grades and don’t fall behind.”

Some of you may feel that 2nd semester may be a bit harder, or the opposite. For the things you tend to struggle with, maybe this is your semester to make a change and impact on it. Starting second semester doesn’t necessarily mean you’re halfway done, it means push through and keep up your good work.

If you feel that you lacked the effort on homework last semester, organize yourself and your set up of classes, use time wisely to effectively get it done. After waking up early most or even every morning coming to school and learning it gets tiring, you start to go to bed early and forgetting to get your homework done. Advice for you to finish the school year strong and focused is, put time in effectively, find new solutions to stay organized.

Looking back to your 1st semester, how do YOU feel? What do you think you can change to become better than before? How can you reflect and respond to your 1st semester? Don’t let yourself fall behind because of distractions, finish the 2019-2020 school year strong. Be proud to be an AHS student!