Essential Business Workers


Keeping store shelves stocked has been a challenge.

As we are all aware, the world around us is drastically changing. The only places open are essential businesses including grocery stores, restaurant drive thrus or carryouts, and liquor stores. This health code change has caused many people to lose their jobs. It is a very scary time, but the end goal is for people to remain safe and healthy. So what do these changes mean for grocery store workers? The new protocol is only one person per family may come in and shop. No children are allowed with the parent, only one person allowed—it is for their safety and ours. The register, card machine, countertops, and cart have to be sanitized after every single customer. The entree door handles have to be sanitized after every customer as well. The freezer handles, bathroom door nob, cigarette case doors—everything , has to be cleaned after a customer leaves. Each customer must take a cart, so the store can keep a head count of the customers in the store. Limited number of customer are allowed in the store, by orders of the Health Department, and taking a cart is a simple and kind way to help the employees keep track.

At the start of the pandemic, you would have never guessed that toilet paper may be impossible to get your hands on. However, Abilene’s hometown grocery stores have struggles keeping toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer, Clorox bleach, bananas, bread, yeast, tonic water, milk, and eggs on the shelves.

The drastic change in customers attitude has also been mind-blowing to watch. I have worked at Zey’s for 4 years, and I have never heard more screaming and foul language from customers who are unhappy about the new health violation rules. Our world is definitely adjusting to the new way of life during this pandemic.

It’s very common to see everyone wearing masks and gloves everywhere they go. Workers are required to take their temperature before they go to work, and are not allowed to come to work if they do not feel their best.

Just remember to thank you essential workers for working during these scary times, and only leave your home when necessary. Stay Healthy!