Cowboys Roundup a Win Against Wamego


On January 8th, 2018 the Abilene High School boys basketball team played Wamego High School at 6 PM. The boys were able to keep a lead over the visiting team to end the game with a score of 64-47. The boys basketball team has a record of 5-2, only being defeated by Marysville and Augusta.

Head Coach Terry Taylor stated that team struggled with turnovers, which is when the team loses possession of the ball. The game had 23 turnovers, so the team is aiming for less than ten a game. During practice, the team will work on “We continue each day to work on defense, shooting, and rebounding” Stated Coach Taylor.

Tim Barbieri reaches for the ball during the opening tip off.

—- Kaleb Becker led the game with 14 points and 8i boards. Damian Hartman and James Mayden each had 11 points. Tim Barbieri led the team in rebounds with 7. Travis Beetch had 3 assists and Preston Boyd took 2 charges.