AHS Cowboys Swept by SE of Saline

On Friday, April 5th the Varsity Cowboys Baseball team took on South East of Saline. The first game, the team lost 5-15 and the second game, the team lost 7-10. The Cowboys struggled throughout the night to make defensive plays, with thirteen errors committed.

Brett Ambrosier was the starting pitcher for the Cowboys, only allowing three runs during his four innings. Roman Sanchez took over in the last inning, allowing three runs.

Coach Travis Bartley stated that, “The thing that we have really struggled with all year is playing with energy and confidence. Once we start becoming more aggressive and playing with more energy and confidence, most of our problems defensively will fix themselves.”

Coach Bartley stated that the coaches have been helping with the teams confidence by putting them in more game-like situations during practice.

“We are a young team with a lot of potential. I see us having a lot of success in the future, we’re just going through some growing pains.”