SIT Basketball Tournament


Jaylen West, Sophomore Staff Writer

The SIT basketball tournament is right around the corner. It starts January 23rd and ends on the 25th. It takes place in Salina, Kansas.  The 8 teams that are participating in the 2019-2020 season are Andover, Salina Central, Abilene, Liberal, Salina South, Concordia, Buhler, and Wichita South.  The Abilene Cowboys are going into the tournament with the 4 seed, their first seven games resulted in a 4-3 record.

They trumped the Wamego Raiders on Tuesday, January 14th in double OT to secure the 4 seed. The Andover Trojans are going into the tournament as the 1 seed, they went undefeated in their first 8 games. The Salina South Cougars are 7-2 entering the tournament as the 2 seed. The Buhler Crusaders received the 3 seed with the record of 6-2. The Redskins from Liberal will look to make some noise as the 5 seed, with the record of 5-5. Wichita South has the 6 seed with the record of 5-4. The Concordia Panthers are the underdogs of the tournament with the 7 seed, they started off the season with a not-so-hot start resulting in a 2-4 record. Last but not least, the Mustangs from Salina Central are coming in with the 8 seed, they are going into the tournament with a 2-5 record.

In the 2018-2019 the Central Mustangs won it all for the second year in a row. Both years they won it they met the Andover Trojans in the finals. In their most recent meeting in the finals they were tied 23-23 at halftime. The Mustangs came out on top with a 57-43 win.  The Abilene Cowboys went into the tournament with the 1 seed. They fell short in their first game to the Salina South Cougars who were the 8 seed. They battled hard but couldn’t quite keep up with the 5a school. The final score was 65-51. They bounced back the next game and defeated the Crusaders 47-40. The Cowboys defeated Liberal for 5th place in their last game. Liberal put up a tough fight but they could not overcome the cowboys in the 4th quarter. The cowboys won by 10 points with the final being 60-50.

The Abilene Cowgirls will also be participating in the SIT tournament held in Salina, Kansas. The Cowgirls will be entering the tournament with the 5 seed. The Liberal Redskins have secured their top spot at the 1 seed. The lady Mustangs from Salina Central locked in the 2 seed. The girls from Buhler have fought for the 3 seed.  The Lady Cougars from South High are going into the tournament with the 4 seed. Wichita West’s girls have played their way into getting the 6th seed. The Panthers from Concordia are sitting in the same place as the boys from Concordia with the 7 seed. Lastly, we have the girls from Andover looking to fight their way to the top with their 8 seed.