How AHS Can Stay Safe With COVID-19


As many of us know, on September 23rd we had to switch over to remote learning due to the major spread of COVID-19. This school year kicked off with face-to-face learning.Some may like this change, and others may prefer going to school and getting social interaction. The best thing that we can do as a school is wear our masks. Yes it’s really inconvenient, but we need to keep our students safe along with the staff. Some people might not support the mask wearing, but it is the one thing that will stop the spread. As a school we need to let each other know if we’ve been exposed, and if anyone’s possibly exposed others. Another facet of the virus we have to keep regulated is the constant cleaning. We have to remember to sanitize our desks, hands and equipment we use in the classrooms. Ways to slow down the spread would be to just wear our masks, sanitize, and social distance. Remember all of us want things to go back to normal. A new development occurred on October 7th. Students received an announcement that school will return to in person classes on October 12th.